Launching The Pilot

Terminator :The Sarah Connor Chronicles

February 5, 2017

Episode 50 is a double one with" Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "Electra woman and Dyna girl"

00:00:00 Terminator TSCC

00:44:59 Electra woman and Dyna girl

01:13:39 Question Time, where I quiz my Co-Host on our own Podcast

Four years after Terminator 2, Sarah, her son John, and Cameron (a Terminator that has been re-programmed to protect John), are being pursued by a Terminator, Cromartie, sent back through time to assassinate John.

That's that one and then

Electra woman and Dyna Girl (our lost episode...lost on purpose)

the duo would don skintight spandex in a bright flash of light called an "Electra-Change," get into the "ElectraCar," and use an array of technically advanced gadgets to thwart an eclectic collection of supervillains