The Greatest American Hero (1981)

February 16, 2018

Episode 103 The Greatest American Hero believe it or not we are looking at this superhero show from 1981.

The Pilot episode of the series. School teacher Ralph Hinkley meets FBI agent Bill Maxwell on a field trip to the desert, where they are met by a UFO that gives them a mission and a red costume with amazing powers. The new team must then use those powers to thwart a conspiracy.



Paul Starr (1964)

February 9, 2018

Episode 102 is Paul Starr.

Where ever there is danger just call Paul Starr, In this one off pilot we follow the space agent Paul Starr and his sidekick Ligthing as the embark on a mission to Mars.

S.B.I. (Space Bureau of Investigations) agent Paul Starr attempts to save an atomic power station on Mars from attack.


The Highwayman ( pilot 1987)

February 1, 2018

Episode 101 is The Highwayman pilot episode, now we have covered this show before but we never found the pilot so we reviewed the first episode.

Highwayman The HighwayMan helps a group of bikes who seem to be on the wrong side of the law against the loacl sheriff.

This time Highwayman The Highwayman does have his trusty invisible truck and a surprise or too for the bad guys.

On the road, you must be brave and tireless,
On the road, you can listen to the wireless,
On the road, you eat café food with pride.



Bigfoot and Wildboy (1977)

January 19, 2018

Episode 100 is here with our top ten Tv theme soundtrack (of all the shows we have done) plus we talk Bigfoot and Wildboy which was part of Kofft Supershow.

An orphan who was raised in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest by the legendary Sasquatch. Wildboy and Bigfoot roamed the countryside stomping out pollution, capturing diabolical villains, and rescuing those in distress.

What more could you ask for in a show.


Bionic Six (1987)

January 13, 2018

Episode 99 BIONIC SIX (1987)In the next century, a bionic scientist called "Dr. Scarab" is after power and immortality by bionic-nanotech engineering. He and his henchmen are stopped again and again by Dr. Sharp and his Bionic Six, a multi-cultural family of bionic people with some fantasy technology.

The episode start at 3:27 just skip the first bit (it's for the Best)

We are a family I fight for them
and they fight for me
as close as we can be
High in the mountain
or deep in the sea

Bionic bionic six




Star Trek The Animated Series (1973)

January 7, 2018

Episode 98 we look at Star Trek:The Animated Series , the continuation of thier five year mission.

The Enterprise finds an ancient abandoned starship, and a malevolent entity on it eager to take over the Starfleet ship.

This was more or less still star trek with many of the actors reprising thier famous roles and a lot of the writers still scripting it.


SpaceBalls The Animated Series (2008)

January 1, 2018

Episode 97 Is Spaceballs The Animated Series which is probable the very worst thing I have ever seen, I would have rather sat through every new Adam Sandler Netflix film.

This series doesn't carry on from the movie it's a sort of bad parody of return of the sith with return of the sithee.

Dark Helmet gets knocked out by a robot stripper in Skroobs new casino and recalls his origin story as in a dream. Once a young slave named Pannakin Crybaby, he won his freedom in a NasPodrace, was trained in the Schwartz by Yogurt and fell in love with Princess Harley Van Patten.


Robocop The Animated Series (1988)

December 23, 2017

Episode 96 is Robocop The Animated Series , we're back in old detroit with the animated future of law enforcement.

In the police force, RoboCop is befriended by Officer Anne Lewis, but is also picked on and lambasted by the prejudiced Lieutenant Roger Hedgecock (who appeared as a minor character in the 1987 movie), who is determined to be rid of him and his kind, who he sees as ticking time bombs.


Return To The planet of the apes

December 17, 2017

Episode 95 is Return To The Planet Of The Apes (1975).

Return to the Planet of the Apes is an animated series,
by DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in association with 20th Century Fox Television,
based upon Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle. Boulle's novel had previously inspired five films and a TV series,
 beginning with the 1968 film Planet of the Apes starring Charlton Heston.
Unlike the film, its sequels, and the 1974 live action TV series, which involved a primitive ape civilization,
Return to the Planet of the Apes depicted a technologically advanced society,
complete with automobiles, film, and television;
as such it more closely resembled both Boulle's original novel and early
concepts for the first Apes movie which were changed due to budgetary limitations in the late 1960s.


The Real GhostBusters (1986)

December 10, 2017

Episodes 94 The Real Ghostbusters from 1986 Animated cartoon series that followed the hit movie. Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, Egon Spengler, and Ray Stantz are still hunting ghosts, but now with the friendly assistance of Slimer.